Who Are We?

The idea beyond the "Avicenna Herbage" came to our realization when we felt that We need to lean in, step up and do something for our community before awaiting others to come and reach their hands to help us.


The founders of "Avicenna Herbage" are coming from such a community that women and human rights are being suppressed and limited on a daily basis level, never seen before and yet are being expanded to every aspects of people in the third world countries.


At Avicenna Herbage, the intent is to start and develop an initiative to help the suppressed voices to be heard by gaining relatively better financial empowerment.


Our products are being harvested, maintained, processed and packaged by the minorities and people who are seeking to thrive and flourish.


Majority of the works involved in producing and delivering our products are being done by Women and people of minority. In Avicenna Herbage, we are connecting the dots. We are connecting you to them. When you do business with us, you are basically helping these communities and people, not only to survive and have financial stability, but also to seek to enhance their quality of lives, and to create a better opportunity for their children, specially girls, to seek education.


Our intent is not make profit by provided quality services and products. Our mission is to connect these people to helping hands (whom can be YOURS). Our vision is to expand this idea and get these women and minorities what they are capable of achieving.


We are not selling "what". We are telling you "why" you'll be in a better situation, financially and ethically, to consider us for your business!. The Avicenna Herbage is one of the pioneers in the supply of Herbal Products, specially Saffron from Afghanistan. We are in process of expanding our business in the US and would be happy to hear from you.