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1 Gram Khatam Saffron_Super Negin Premium Quality Saffron

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1 Gram Premium Quality Super Negin Saffron in Khatam Packaging (BP free and Food Grade Steel Jar)

1 Gram Premium Quality Saffron- Super Negin

Original price was: $13.50.Current price is: $8.67.1 Gram Package
1 Gram high quality Saffron. This 1 Gram super Negin graded Saffron can be the main ingredient of your daily diet including daily coffee alternative, using as spice, coloring or taste for your oriental or Mediterranean recipe.

5 Gram High Quality Saffron- Avicenna Saffron- Khatam Package

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Introducing Avicenna Herbage Saffron 5 Gram Khatam Packaged- the epitome of excellence in Saffron production. Our 100% natural, non-GMO, and non-modified Saffron is meticulously handpicked, hygienically cleaned, processed, and packaged, ensuring the finest quality in every strand. Produced in Herat, Afghanistan, our Saffron has earned the prestigious title of being the #1 Quality saffron multiple times.


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Now Avicenna Herbage presents the Holiday Gift Package Saffron Package which includes a very elegant, ancient-looking Khatam Circular BP-Free Steel